Refer A Friend

Referer Bonus

Earn 150€ every time you refer and they complete 60 hours within the first 60 days

Referral Bonus

Earn 100€ when you are referred by one of our riders and you complete 60 hours within the first 60 days

The city is yours.

Drive around and become a trip advisor to your friends. You'll see something new every day.

Earn while
you ride!

The more you deliver, the more you earn!

Reclaim your time.

Decide when to deliver and spend your time off doing what you love.

Some things
you'll need:


A phone compatible with iOS 11.2 (or higher) or Android 5.0 (or higher) with internet data


You own a delivery vehicle (car/bicycle/scooter).


A work permit for Finland, Finnish Social Security Number and a Finnish IBAN.


To be 18 years old or over.

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